What is thewhitebrick?

One single day is a long time. On average, we are awake for sixteen of its twenty-four hours  – and what exactly do we fill with that time? Being forced to sit still and do nothing but look at a clock for that amount of time sounds detestable, dull and unremittingly drawn out. All these things would be true, yet the vast majority of us go about our day and quite easily fill it with, well, with what? Work? The internet? Television? It has occurred to me recently that as I lie down in bed and think about what I have done it is unsatisfactory, and that I really can’t fathom how I spent sixteen hours doing nothing. Even as we arrive home from work every evening, say at 6pm, there is still five hours of the day left, and that is still a considerable amount of time. Going on a five hour car journey is something we would avidly look to avoid if we could, yet I often find that the time after work to bed often seems to vapourise, and I don’t know why.

The intention of this blog is to document unravel the mystery of how I manage to fill sixteen hours every day, and what I really hope is that it will be a catalyst for me to do better, more interesting and more exciting things. Now of course, a ‘me, me, me’ blog is abhorrent and that is not what I intend to write.

It is perhaps odd that only recently I have really discovered how much there is to know in the world, and how little I know of it. I have never taken the time to attempt to understand even some of the most stimulating philosophy, literature, technology, art, design, culture, religion – the list continues. I am as certain as one can be that I am profoundly ignorant.

It is a conflict within me that I have sixteen hours in which to learn more about the world around me (and it is exciting, I promise) and yet upon lying down in bed after a day I all-too-often feel I have achieved nothing of learning that rich information, and hence the creation of Chalks. This website aims to fill you in with the most wonderful tidbits from any and all sources and share with you what I learnt, and how I learnt it. Of course, it is eminently possible that this is not what people want to read, and the blog will flop, but I shall give it my best shot and see how it goes. I very much hope you do enjoy reading it, and that all of us can begin to form days where we can comfortably say we have filled sixteen hours more than satisfactorily, and that we can be proud and smile at what has been achieved when we lie down under the covers. I think that is a wonderful aim, and if one can go to bed thinking that more days than not, it would be incredibly progressing for an individual.

A little about myself:

My name is Woodrow Quinn, I’m presently studying Medicine at University and have just finished my first year. I’m now on my summer break, so am presently in the very privileged position to fill all of my sixteen hours freely. However, it is patent that this will not be the case for all my readers, and my posts will try to reflect that.


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