28th September – 2nd October, 2011

It was good to break the ice and finally get the first day back at university done and dusted. Had a really nice time catching up with friends not seen over the summer, and the day wasn’t too intense – well received, I must say. In the evening the ‘Science Museum Lates’ was being held, that a friend of mine was helping out at. It was great fun. Essentially you are partaking in research projects that are deemed ‘fun’, for example one lady was conducting research into the senses and was asking people to mould any shape they wanted to out of clay, but they had to be blindfolded. Another involved judging whether a face was ‘trustworthy’ or ‘aggressive’ with the ultimate (perhaps strange) result of predicting your loneliness. Alcohol was also available so you could take tests when under the influence to see how that changed you! It’s held on the last Wednesday of every month.

On the 29th it was Fresher’s Fayre and I unscrupulously got what I could out of the free Celebrations and Roses on offer. Consequently my email account soon exploded with all the new societies I’d signed up to. Needless to say, I do want to make the most of this year and I hope that signing up will aide this! On the 30th I went to a ‘Ceilidh’ which is a type of Irish dance. Absolutely amazing fun, a great way to relieve stress and try something new (although this was my second time since I enjoyed the first so much). It’s a real ‘merry jig’ type of dance with fiddles and drums and guitars – you could very much imagine it taking place in the highlands of Ireland, and Scotland (I believe it also has a presence there) and a great escape from being in the centre of a huge city. The weekend has been mainly work orientated (I’ve done perilously little, despite this aim) but I did go with the ‘photography society’ to a walk around Regent’s park which was terrific. The whether was absolutely baking hot and it was tremendous to see everyone out enjoying themselves, much like The Green Park. Today I was much the same but I did try out ‘Chin-Chin Laboratories’ which is an ice cream shop in Camden with a difference – the ice cream is made using liquid nitrogen. The result, apparently, is an ice cream with no ice crystals since they have no time to form and hence a deliciously smooth taste. It was pretty special watching it being made and it didn’t taste half-bad either. Lamenting the working week ahead, but had best get on with it!


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