22nd – 27th September, 2011

I’m back! A hectic few days of moving in, I must say. I left you last Wednesday. Thursday involved moving in and unpacking all the remaining belongings and setting up one particularly cursed desk. For what seemed like hours my mother and I slaved over the cursed thing trying to screw in nuts and bolts to get it to stand up straight, but after a week of use it still seems to be standing, somehow.

My room is looking nice and homely, in fact, and I’m glad that nothing has gone drastically wrong. On Thursday evening I caught the train to see my girlfriend and we had a very enjoyable few days together. She had had a chance to learn the ropes of the city and we wondered round, sorted out many things that needed sorting, watched a film and ate ice-cream. An idyllic few days! I got back on the Saturday evening whence we played a round of Monopoly and watched the classic Ice Age. Another very pleasant evening with some lovely flatmates.

On Sunday I was feeling a twang of home-sickness blues and decided to wonder around where I live, but then decided to go further afield, to Green Park, and I can’t tell you how happy I am because of that decision. It was a particularly sunny day in London on Sunday and many people were out, enjoying themselves with picnics, deck chairs and ball-games. The sun caught the green of the trees and the lusciousness of the thick grass beautifully and I couldn’t help but beaming myself, the whole way through the park. I simply loved seeing all the happy faces and the activity and the fact that I could scarcely tell I was in the centre of England’s capital. It was a pure delight. I pottered on to Buckingham Palace and poked my nose over St James’ park (my favourite) and then strolled down to Oxford street and browsed the shops. It was the perfect way to spend the day, and I am infinitely glad I did not stay inside and mope.

In the evening I met some freshers and showed them the ropes of the university I’m at. I hope the could relate to some of the fears I had when I started, and that they were somewhat quenched.

On Monday we were paid a visit by an engineer who was to install our line for us, however we didn’t end up getting broadband until Tuesday. Despite the hassle I am very glad I’ve been able to get up-to-date with emails and the rest of it. In the evening I went to a delightful event at the Barbican Theatre entitled ‘Stephen Fry – A Classical Affair’. Unsurprisingly it featured the man in the title as well as the creative director of the hugely successful ClassicFM a moderator by the name of Sir David Tang and an exquisite pianist who I had not heard before, James Rhodes. The event played out with James starting the proceedings with a piece and the rest discussing it briefly, but mainly focusing on classical music as a whole and where it’s going. It wasn’t an event where you are particularly taught much, per se, but it was very interesting to hear the views of some very intelligent men. There was some quasi-Question Time involvement form the audience whereby we were able to ask the four questions, and it was nice to feel involved in the event. I came out enlightened and, I think, with a better appreciation for the music as well as a long list to listen to.

Today I went to an event involving free cake, with friendly people, in a park. Need I say more? It was awesome. I then pottered in the local bookstore and got some equipment for bookmaking (wool and paper) which I may do tonight.

Lectures start tomorrow (groan), but I’m still trying to maintain that positive outlook!


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