20th – 21st September, 2011

Not much to report over these two days. I’ve been testing out my tablet as a device to take anatomy notes and it has worked well. I open a hefty photoshop document and can write as if it were paper – except I have every colour, size and shape of any artistic implement I could wish for! So I may make it a regular tool for revision. It does, however, mean looking at a screen for more time, which is best avoided if possible, I feel.

Other than that I’ve just been milling around on the internet or just enjoying my last few days of the summer break, which really has been fantastic. I’m so glad I’ve made this blog, and I will continue to post – though I may struggle for content somewhat! Hopefully not, because if it has taught me anything it’s that I should make the most of all the days I am fortunate enough to live in. As a matter of fact, I have discovered a website called ‘Time Out – London’. It lists a huge amount, 101 in all, of things to do in London – from walks in hidden parks to flower markets, learning to create cocktails to visiting a liquid-nitrogen ice cream shop. It is my intention to do at least one of these activities per week, so hopefully they should be of interest to blog about. Today I did make some scones and had my first lottery ticket bought for me. Here’s hoping I’ll be a millionaire come Saturday!

I move in properly tomorrow and will be without internet until Monday. I will be visiting my girlfriend over the weekend and getting settled in, I very much look forward to telling you all about it then.

Stay safe!


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