15th – 19th September, 2011

On the fifteenth my girlfriend came round early and we decided to make a cake from the delightful book accompanying this series of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off. We chose ‘Bakewell Cup Cakes’ which, whilst tasting very nice indeed, were nothing like actual Bakewells! Still, it was great fun making them, complete with glacé cherry on top!

We then went for a walk in the evening, visiting our favourite road in town – a small country road tucked away but containing some of the most beautiful houses around. Exquisite, thatched cottages, moss covered red-brick houses with wonkey roofs and, to top it off, a quaint pub! It’s a delight to walk down and spy the beautiful gardens and flowers. We pottered home for tea and then decided to bring a game to the pub and enjoy a drink, it was delightful. Several games of an old fashioned Mastermind box later we headed home with a smile.

On the sixteenth we headed down to my girlfriend’s house to do final preparations for her trip to university! It was strange, she thought, to see her life in possessions all contained into a few boxes in the back of the car. Needless to say it took an expected ‘longer than expected’ time to pack it all and we headed to bed.

And so the big day came! Driving to the university took some considerable time due to traffic, and upon stopping for a break at the motorway services we did spot a lot of other studenty faces, with equally packed cars. Other than the length of the journey it was unremarkable. The moving in went very smoothly and my girlfriend was very happy with the place indeed. The city is much nicer than anticipated, plenty of greenery – I thought it looked more like a very large town, and full of very nice looking old buildings with a not clashing mix of clean, new ones- perfect. Her flatmates were all very friendly and, according to reports, all is going swimmingly.

Her mother and I headed back, which was another long trip, so by the end of it we’d cumulated a lot of driving hours. Needless to say when I got back it hit me a bit and I was sad to feel the pang of emptiness. However, it’s been strengthening to speak to her on the phone regularly, that night, in fact and I will head up to see her again before too long (:

On the eighteenth I partook in a walking event that was a bit of a distance to get to but really, really enjoyable. It was an eighteen mile walk, I do really enjoy walking as you might gather by my signing up to something like that, but I wasn’t feeling too joyous due to the recent move-out of my girlfriend, but no sooner than 5 steps in I got chatting to some really friendly people who were forrestors and they told me all about the scenery they managed, and we walked through it on the walk. We saw some great sites, including the PM’s out of office house – Chequers! Having the company did help lift my mood and I thoroughly enjoyed the time. Sore feet afterward, though!

Today has been a strange day, it actually started at 1am when we nearly had a trip to A&E due to my brother having a serious gut pain. But it subsided as soon as it started and he said he was okay just as we were starting the car. A visit to the doctors tomorrow won’t go astray. However, upon waking I went out with my parent to Costa, which was very enjoyable but the rest of the day seems to have disintegrated into nothing, which is a great shame. I have been looking, for the first time, at the dreaded time table for next year and it looks pretty full. I am slightly lamenting it but I’m sure once I get started it won’t be so bad. I guess it’s a sign I’ve really and truly enjoyed the summer so far! Started a bit of anatomy work, because I think that’s going to hit me hard come term time so it’ll be good to hit some of it back earlier!

Speak to you soon!



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