11th September & Whitstable Camp (12 – 14th)

I can’t for the life of me recall what happened on the 11th other than going to my girlfriend’s house in preparation for her birthday on the 12th. It is odd how you can completely forget an entire day, worrying really.

However, after giving gifts I unscrupulously left on my lady’s special day (I’m sorry!) to go off camping in the seaside town of Whitstable. My mother was going down with two of her old college friends to stay in a house and I was to stay in a campsite, which was run by a dear couple who were so accommodating. They’re still there and I only stayed two nights but it was so pleasant. It really took you away from everything, you could taste the salt in the sea air and hear the sound of the gulls just as you left the train station. This wonderful pocket of south east England is only 1.5 hours from King’s Cross! I can’t think of a larger contrast, but I will remember I can escape easily for a weekend, if the opportunity lends itself.

On the first morning I got up bright and early in and ventured out into the bitter cold. Before I went I had printed out some walks and this particular one took you through the nearby town of Seasalter and was intended for birdwatchers. I must say I can’t really think of a nicer way to start ones day than wondering in an old Churchyard of an XI century church surrounded by the chatterings, tweets and chirrups of a plethora of birds. It truly was an idyllic experience. I thought it couldn’t get much better but I ended up walking to the coast and walking down the beach comprised of shingle and I heard the gulls and saw the ships at low tide, the wonderful beach huts and one or two friendly walkers. That alone made me so glad I came.

Then I went to the house my mother and her friends were staying at and we did some crafts, book making, to be precise with a special Japanese method of book-binding. They make good gifts and I hope my girlfriend will forgive me leaving her on her birthday with a belated gift! We had lunch on the beach and then did some shopping in the afternoon, followed by Scrabble in the evening! Not something you’d necessarily expect someone of my age to do, but I really did enjoy it thoroughly!

Today I went and met up with them in a small town called Tankerton and we pottered around the shops and went into a café with the wonderful name of ‘The Cakery’. Sadly, soon after that, it was time for me to leave Whitstable but I certainly want to go back – there’s still so much to do and it’s such a pleasant hideaway if ever you need to escape from it all.

Time to sort out photos!


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