7th – 10th September, 2011

The seventh was spent as a rather ‘general’ day keeping up with remedial tasks. A day I perhaps should have made more of, at least it’s been identified! One thing that I did manage was to finish Sebastian Faulks’ Birdsong. An incredible read that really makes you think about the sacrifices the soldiers made for us, and almost makes you feel you ought not waste a day for their sake.

Fortunately the rest were somewhat more productive. On the Thursday I went to Cambridge to visit my Grandfather and ate at the wonderfully named ‘Tatties’ – despite this name, I did not indulge in a potato. We chatted and he completed his cryptic crossword. It amazes me how much he knows and how switched on he is in his late eighties. He’s a remarkable gentleman. I had a quick look around the nice shopping centre there and then it was time to head home, ready for the big ‘move in’ on Friday.

We trundled down to London, happy that we could go when we wanted and not in the rush hour. Waiting around on a journey can make it seem so much more labourious, I feel. We packed all my possessions into the car from my halls and put them into the new flat I’m staying at. This being the first time I’d seen it cleaned and with a fresh coat of paint, I must say I’m very happy with it. It’ll be a pleasant place to live for the coming few months, or even years.

Today we worked on our Gibson’s jigsaw (more on that in a later blog, it’s proving a challenge!) and then I made some strawberry jam (I was all too happy to see the English strawberries still in Tescos – and on offer). My small indulgence also arrived, a graphics tablet I’d purchased. It’s definitely helped my digital art from the first few things I’ve did. Of course, they’re no good, but I think they’re a tad better than what was there beforehand! At any rate I enjoyed relaxing with it and taking part in the therapeutic activity that is art and I hope the tablet will continue to provide that when I need a break from the steady hammer that medicine can sometimes be. 


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