5th – 6th September, 2011

Off for a stroll...!

On the fifth I took advantage of the lovely surroundings I am privileged to live in and went for a walk with Mum around the place. There are some gorgeous houses around the place with wonky roofs and misshapen brick walls covered in moss but they are so charming and pleasurable to see. I did some digital painting but it was no good, really not getting the knack of it but I will keep progressing with it. The Pass Plus has been organised – I do find it remarkable that people can learn to drive and then not actually insure themselves for 5-10 years, then happily do so and drive around the road normally. Surely that’s the height of danger? I don’t feel at all comfortable and I only passed nine months ago! Even then I didn’t feel too good about it and hopefully these lessons will give some much-needed confidence.

On the sixth Mum and I visited the historical town of Thame. It’s got some lovely independent shops and I managed to purchase one or two lovely gifts for friends – you could spend hours meandering around and going into each idyllic corner of the many shops. One sweet shop we pottered into, we later found out, was actually No 8 Cornmarket. This is the site of the first Post Office in Thame where the very first Penny Black stamp was ever issued and delivered to a Mr George Wakeman.

The family indulged in the Great British Bake Off in the evening and now I’m off to bed!


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