17th – 18th August, 2011

On the seventeenth I baked my batch of scones and met with my girlfriend and another friend and travelled to (fortunately my friend can drive) the highest hill of the region and had our picnic! Unfortunately the view and experience was somewhat tainted by the incessant talks on mobile phones, trying to sort out the house. After a lot of palava we’ve managed to arrange it! At last a house is sorted, and not a moment too late.

After the serious business of a Mario Kart tournament I went to my girlfriends house and we went on a really lovely walk. On the way back we were blessed with seeing the sun set, and it was magnificent. Fortuitously I had my camera and managed to capture it, though my poor photography skills do it no justice.

Upon awaking we sat, with many thousands of other teenagers, repeatedly trying to log in to UCAS Track which was engaged in its perennial lag due to the high traffic. Ultimately it was great news, with my girlfriend getting the place she wanted! So smiles all round. We then headed back to mine for a relaxing evening and now am a bit rushed trying to sort and pack everything for the impending holiday! Should be great and I will correspond with the blog when I get back (intend to create a travel diary whilst away)

Until then!


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