15th – 16th August, 2011

Happily Eating Away

On the 15th I donned my dark green Wellington boots and grabbed my new guide, the Collins Complete Guide to British Garden Wildlife, and went on a usual route. Whilst the route was usual, the time taken was not, since I was drawn in by so many flowers that I nearly always walk straight by and to my delight I was able to identify some of them using the book – it scratches a satisfying itch that is hard to pen down but the process of finding the plant, looking it up in the book and taking a photograph was incredibly amiable and a lovely way to spend a day and breathe a fresh lease of life into a walk done repeatedly without any new finds.

After that I was somewhat bogged down by house organising. My friends saw a terrific house but there was a slight issue with another person having to live there, more on that later. Tickets for a debate on the existence of God arrived, arguing for the motion is William Lane Craig, someone I tremendously admire and arguable one of Christendom’s finest apologists.  He’s American but doing a UK tour and I thought that too good to miss.

On the 16th I was at the labs for what may be the last time, I’m really glad I warmed to it form an initial worry and lack of interest, it was a terrific time and I truly enjoyed it. After that it was more house viewings. We have found one we all like in the bohemian borough of Camden so we may decide to put in an offer there.

By the time all this furore was dealt with it was rather late and I didn’t end up getting home until deep evening, but it was enough time for the family to sit down to the first episode of the second series of The Great British Bake-Off, one of my most enjoyed television programs of 2010! Hopefully this season will prove (ho-ho) as enjoyable as the last.

Tomorrow I’m off for a picnic and am getting up bright and early to bake (topically) some of Paul Hollywood’s scones, can’t wait!


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