13th – 14th August, 2011

I boarded an early train on the thirteenth, expecting to depart and go to a house viewing that was arranged. I was disappointed on the train, however, on seeing some particularly rowdy individuals, drinking at around nine thirty in the morning and, from what I could gather, heading to the first premiership match of the season, singing chants excessively loudly as to disrupt others on the train. Not only this, but the chants included explicit and excessive expletives on a train which young children were on.

No sooner had I stepped off the train but my phone rang; my friend informed me that the estate agents had just phoned her to let her know that they did not have the keys to the property we were meant to see, which was a damn nuisance since the reason I’d come down to London was to see the house which we are now somewhat desperate to get. At any rate, we decided not to make a rainy day of it and met up for some food and films at my friend’s house which great – it’s about time I knew the story of Robin Hood, even if it was the Disney version.

Off camping!

Between those times I went to Colindale to visit the GO Outdoors shop to pick up my brand-spanking new tent. GO Outdoors do a scheme whereby if you find a product they sell cheaper on any website or other competitive shop, they will sell the product to you at 10% off the competitor’s price. Having planned to go to GO Outdoors on the twelfth, I did a bit of internet researching and did indeed see another website selling it cheaper – four pence cheaper, to be precise! I mentioned this to them at the checkout and, sure enough, I ended up saving 10% for the difference of 4p! Thank you kindly, GO Outdoors. On a serious note I do recommend them; they do sell things at a very good price and have knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff.

In the evening I met with my girlfriend to watch the last Harry Potter film – I was impressed with it, definitely. Having not seen part 1 and not being a die-hard fan I was still able to follow along and appreciate the excitement it offered. A cleverly written ending, I think.

On the fourteenth I was round my girlfriend’s house and we spent the morning pitching my tent and another 3-man that she already had. After that success we did some baking  – simple cake cases but with marmalade inside with chocolate ganache on top – they were tasty indeed. My girlfriend’s father is somewhat of an artist and he gave us a short tutorial – he is planning to put some online and so this was a bit of a practice but it was great to learn a bit from a true artist.

Now I am home and have made some shortbread and  just been informed I am not going to the labs tomorrow so have a full, luxurious day to spend in whatever I choose – I intend not to waste it.

Speak to you soon!


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