11th – 12th August, 2011

A comforting break

The eleventh was again spent in the lab, but it was very enjoyable today. The person ‘looking after me’ is very good in that he throws me in the deep end somewhat. This helps in that it really makes sure I understand something when I do it (for example, he requests that I write up lab notes and I need to be clear and concise on what I’m talking about in order for this to work.), but what’s good is that he is more than willing to stop and help me and explain things so that I’m not left dumbfounded.

In the evening I went for a run up a local hill and saw a tremendous sunset, which gave me a very satisfying amount of time to sit and think about some of the philosophy I’ve been pondering recently. I can never overstate how important I think it is to take time to stop from the busy world and do nothing, even for a short length of time.

I spent a long time perusing the internet into the wee hours and as a result awoke late on the 12th. My Mum and I had planned to go to the local town and we did and got some shopping done. I stocked up on some much needed socks and bought a most peculiar polo in that you can detach the collar which binds to the body of the shirt via buttons. It seems the old style is making a comeback! We also ventured into Starbucks (somewhere I hardly ever go), but they do a nice Latte.

On arriving home I tried to install a ‘Hackintosh’ which is where you try and get OS X running on a PC (please forgive me if my terminology is slightly off!). I do have Tiger on my laptop but I thought I might give it a try on my PC, thus far no luck, however. The family pottered to the local pub and enjoyed a drink outside, which was pleasant.

My brother and his girlfriend have taken part in the ‘my fitness pal’ website which helps you lose weight by giving you a ‘calorie target’ for the day. It’s worked very well for them (even if they do rattle on about it a bit!) but I did have my frustrations about it today since they wouldn’t eat the main meal made by Mum due to the fact the calories would be ‘hard to calculate’! Goodness, there’s watching your weight and politeness. Fortunately their frequent talk about it seems to have had a positive effect on all of the family with my father now being the latest one to sign up (He’s just got a new smartphone, and my fitness pal has an app – he loves combining tasks with technology! So perhaps that’s why he’s started. Whatever the reason, it’s good).

Off to see some houses tomorrow and perhaps pick up a tent, ’till then!


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