9th – 10th August, 2011

Both days spent in the laboratory, taking up pretty much all of the day. Getting to enjoy it more as I get to know the people in the lab, and get to understand what I’m doing a little bit more.

Found a very interesting (if somewhat gory) game called LIMBO. My girlfriend, not much of a computer nerd before we started going out, finished Portal 2 the other day and now, after I casually inform her she may find LIMBO interesting, has already fishished it! Before me! What influence have I had?

The news has been depressing the last few days, it sometimes makes it hard to think of all the good in the world when there’s relentless bad news given by the press. I was touched to hear about the #riotcleanup organised by twitter users and will hold the following Spanish proverb close: ‘There is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light of one small candle’

Also found some very interesting websites combining the frictionless duo, science and faith, especially the American Scientific Affiliation and this blog: http://scienceandbelief.wordpress.com/


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