7th – 8th August, 2011

Monet - Lady with Parasol

First light on the 7th brought fourth a run with my brother, fortunately my ‘gammy knee’ didn’t play up and we had a good chat about the USA’s goings on with its ‘AA+’ rating, rather than ‘AAA’.

On arriving back Mum and I had a trip to M&S and it made me, oddly, appreciate family. We got our goods and headed back to meet some heavy showers (good old British weather). We had an umbrella but it was pretty small and we couldn’t avoid getting a bit wet, but far from being a frustrating experience (as one might have on their own) we couldn’t help laughing and I found myself with a big smile on my face, and happy to be home.

After this I tried (and failed) to have a go at some painting. I was rather taken by this piece by Monet and inteded to try and brush up my skills by copying it. Needless to say it’s not gone well thus far. I just seem unable to replicate his brush strokes. They look so easy and effortless but nigh-on impossible to replicate. I suppose I can’t really expect to be anywhere near as good at even copying him, being very new to painting. Hopefully I’ll learn some new techniques and improve somewhat.

The mentioned weather rather spoiled the opportunity to play golf, but in the evening a session of Mario Kart with the brother was in order, which again helped me to appreciate the small things that make up a happy family life.

Today my girlfriend came over and we began baking some cake cases (as we call them; commonly referred to as cupcakes!). I headed off to London to meet with a very friendly PhD student and arrived home to see her efforts! Pretty impressive, I thought!

Off to the research lab again tomorrow, ’till then.

Flower Cake Case!


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