4th – 6th August, 2011

A lovely few days! It was an early start on Thursday since I had to get to London to visit the passport office. We couldn’t find my ‘old’ one, and we’re off to on holiday soon, so the time had come to admit that it was lost and potter off to get a new one. It was a surprisingly smooth experience, though I would hazard a miss-filled form or slightly ‘hair covering one eye’ photo could make the whole ordeal much more stressful.

I then pottered off to the Imperial War Museum which was interesting, and very sobering. I thought the image attached was particularly poignant. There was a video there about the various genocides that had occurred from WWII onwards and it was simply sickening. How the cleansing of one ethnic race can ever be construed as ‘progress’ by some skewed individuals is disgusting. The film was very clear at pointing this out, and it really was food for thought.

While there I was informed my friend’s meeting had been cancelled, I didn’t go to the house viewing so I headed off home. On the train I pulled out my pad and pencil and, rather than writing the introduction to a story, I wrote an entirely random scene that could come in the middle. I was a bit fed up trying to conjure an idea from my head so I thought I might as well scratch my writing itch and simply write something. Even if it didn’t have a proper plot. It was very therapeutic, it’s lovely being able to create your own world and add whatever you want, I felt quite escaped from the train journey I was on.

On the fifth I was over at my girlfriend’s house and we went to a lovely town called Berkhamsted. There are some real gems of shops there, including a lovely ‘homewears’ shop (http://www.horsfallandwright.co.uk/) and art shop. If I were to ever own a shop it’d definitely be a stationery one!

Today we went to a town fare with various happy stands, including a ‘ferret racing’ one, which did what it said, really. I happened upon one of my friends from school and had a mini-catch up – she’s studying primary education to become a teacher, which would be lovely, I’m sure.

Tomorrow we may go off for a family session of golf which is something we’ve not done in a long time indeed but would be excellent. Will keep you posted!


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