2nd – 3rd August, 2011

Both days spent at university in the labs – it’s got better as I’ve settled in and got to chat to some really friendly people. I also get to say I’ve done things I only know the name of and none of the content! Site-linked mutagenesis with PCR, gel electrophoresis, hairpin design. Despite its name, I’m pretty sure I didn’t walk into a fashion consultancy by accident after lunch for the last one, and that it has something to do with gene suppression.

Had no luck finding my passport and will be heading into London tomorrow to get an ’emergency’ one and a rocketing premium, I should think. Not in the labs tomorrow but should have a pleasant time looking around London, I may investigate the Imperial War Museum as they have an interesting exhibition on life as a child during wartime going on. In the late afternoon I am meeting one of my friends who very sadly failed her re-sit examinations and is appealing, I, and another friend, will be there to support her application.

Soon off to Pizza Express for their glorious 2 for 1 deal!


Extra: Met a builder on the train home, thought I was being picked up when wasn’t!


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