26 – 27th

A fairly calm and relaxed two days – the 26th was spent mainly reading and doing some piano practice. My girlfriend and I did some baking of ‘cupcakes’ and decorated them as pies – the reason for this is that we have a ‘cupcake’ calendar which has unbelievably beautiful cupcakes, they really are works of art, each moth. We plan to make our own and photograph them for next year, even though they clearly won’t be as good!


Today there was nothing outright to speak about (apart from perhaps playing three good-fun sets of tennis), it was more of a day doing general things. I happily spent some time trying to come up with ideas for my novel. I plan to write at least 50,000 words. Doing so in thirty days requires 1,333 words per day – so here’s hoping! Presently I’m thinking of setting it around the late 19th century, I’m not sure of the main plot but I’d like the main protagonist to be a lecturer in cryptography and his skills are called upon by the metropolitan police to decode some mysterious messages from two alleged murderers lurking around London. As you can see, it really needs much more substance to it, but that can be worked on.

I did some more cryptic crossword work, it is tricky but it inevitably will be at the beginning. If all works out, I think I’ll be supremely satisfied if I can solve an entire one unaided.

I had a look at a terrific article from WikiHow on ‘How to Exercise an Open Mind’ – it has some truly great suggestions and (hopefully) will motivate me to do them. I’d like to list a huge amount of stuff I’ve learnt this summer and there is still a very good chunk (over sixty days) to go – that will not last forever. I’ve presently got a Wikipedia article on cyphers – 49 of them to learn, so let’s give them a shot! I also had a look at the Cambridge ‘Mathematics’ reading list, I truly enjoyed mathematics A-level

Off to Cambridge tomorrow and back for a club tennis match!


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