25th July, 2011

Proposed route!

Camping place sorted! Off to a wonderful (apparently!) walk in the Lake District, compiled by ‘Trail’ magazine a year ago (see image). Now I just need to pick up any necessary items and off I go, but at a price – the train ticket alone is a meaty £60 to Windermere with a railcard. I’ll try and get it cheaper but at least the possibility exists at all.

I did some more work on the cryptic crosswords but I am really struggling with so called ‘Sandwhich’ clues whereby one word is put in another, I understand the principle but ascertaining the words from the definition is more challenging – it may take some considerable cerebral activity to know how to combine the right words, and often you don’t even know you have the right words in the first place – if ‘left’ is written in the clue is this meant to be taken as ‘l’ (for shorthand) or as the word ‘port’ as in sailing? Or some other esoteric word I do not know? I suppose it’s a case of getting into the mindset of a setter and simply doing some practice – what I certainly do not want to do is trail off and not complete it. Hence, I plan to have a hefty go at it again tomorrow!

I did some reading of Birdsong by Faulks and it was interesting – It is fiction but he did his research and the levels the first world war pushed people are just ridiculous – drink becoming necessary to forget the horrors, soldiers being simply unaware of right and wrong. It’s all very messed up and we really ought to learn a lesson from history here, I feel.

More documents came through re: careers so am presently working through all that.

Speak to you tomorrow!


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