24th July, 2011

From Dumfries to Brighton!

Damn it all – no reading or camping advancements and it is only myself to blame. A lot of today was spent wrapping up eBay items ready to be shipped off tomorrow. Sales came in drips and drabs as the times ended – but I’m very glad they’re done with and I’ve managed to make a few bob doing it so that’s always a bonus. Normally parcelling up eBay items is something I’d say is boring – however I decided to listen to the wonderful I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue on BBC iPlayer – an especially good episode this week, and also Fry’s English Delights where he spoke on the subject of brevity – from newspaper headlines where it’s essential to twitter where you are of course limited to one hundred and forty characters. Tim Vine was on there, a man I don’t know much about, but he had some amazing, non-offensive one liners there so I believe I’ll look into some of his stuff!

Oh dear. This all seems rather unremarkable – all I can add is that I am now the present Nerf champion and that I did the next zone of Portal 2 co-op, which was good fun. Now, I am fed up of saying tomorrow will be a productive day – it simply must be and I think I’ll have to start imposing some kind of punishment if I don’t look back on it and really feel I have made the most of it.


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