23rd July, 2011

What to do with this...!

Fortuitously the alarm clock I set actually managed to awake me properly from my slumber – as opposed to the usual odd occurrence whereby I seem to somehow turn off my alarm without being conscious of doing so and hence do not wake up. It was an early start walking to the train station and a long journey there but I arrived in London and saw some (rather expensive) houses with a flatmate. Then it was off for a surprise ‘party’ which was to view the BBC Proms ‘Human Planet’ in the Park, next to the incredibly grand prince Albert monument which I had not seen before, but it was incredible – so ornate and exquisitely crafted. It took us an hour of wondering around to find the damn place (we didn’t know what it was near at the time) but the wait was worth it and it was wonderful hearing music from all the way across the globe. We had a lovely picnic and it was great fun spending time with friends. After the concert was over I wondered if any of the (truly) giant posters were going to be used afterwards – it turns out they weren’t and that they were free to a good home, so I am now the proud owner of a massive poster that really wouldn’t fit on any wall in the house.

After picking up my wrapping supplies for the ebay gifts I headed home (a long and painful journey involving missing a train by seconds and chatting to a wonderful former Church-warden who had been to Lords). The usual tasks of keeping up with the emails and news (horrendous news about the attacks in Norway and sudden death of Miss Winehouse), I organised playing Portal 2 coop with a friend – it was amazing and I intend to finish it with him ASAP simply because it was such fun.

I then had a very interesting discussion with a friend of mine about opinions – do we all have the same opinion, but different levels of understanding? If, given enough time, we could discuss every aspect of every person’s view and inform it, would we all end up with the same opinion, or something different? Interesting stuff.

Plan to sort out camping location, at the very least, tomorrow and pack the ebay items.


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