21 – 22nd July, 2011


My girlfriend has been round the last few days and we spent a long time lying in on the 21st, drifting in and out of sleep and doing some reading. I picked up the latest NewScientist, not a journal I normally read but it titles this issue as ‘The Existential Issue’ and has a series of very interesting and profound questions: ‘How could our cosmos have come from nothing?’ ‘Why is the universe just right for life’ and even ‘Am I a hologram’. Reading through the article, it’s most interesting and I find the interplay between science, philosophy and religion supremely interesting, and I would love to get involved in debates about it, whether it be in real life, forums or even youtube – I think the last two show the wonders of the internet in enabling people to express and discuss their views.

After that we popped to town and invested in a cookery book, an American one on how to bake ‘Whoopie Pies’ – a similar looking, but more sweet and cake-like, food to the humble Macaroon (of which we have had several unsuccessful attempts at trying to bake). After several frustrated internet searches trying to decipher the meaning and value of a ‘cup’ (an American measurement that seems to change depending on what you’re weighing) we got them in the oven and they were a great success! Will be shipped off to London tomorrow for a surprise birthday picnic for an individual – we plan to watch the Proms too, so that should be great.

Today we both went for a walk and discovered some new areas – very pleasant ones – and it’s always such a bonus when that happens. It was beautiful weather (for once) and we had a nice time lounging in the sun.

As for now I’m going to sort out what needs to be done tomorrow, try and pack some of my ebay items, give some thought to where I want to go camping and also where I want to go – the future looks exciting if it all works out! I’ve had two months to recharge my batteries and now I really want to get going with some adventure.


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