14th – 15th July, 2011

On the fourteenth my girlfriend arrived back from holiday abroad and we decided to cycle a route nearby. It’s essentially a stretch of path revealing rolling fields at one time, tall thickets covering the pass of wild chervil, foxglove and dandelion the next. It’s a wonderful route and a true pleasure to cycle around.

We arrived at our destination and visited a specialist chocolate shop where we bought their famous ‘House Special‘ which is simply melted chocolate in an esperesso cup. It was ludicrously rich and they serve it, quite sensibly, with a large glass of water to stop your taste-buds being clogged up with cocoa. Needless to say it was a nice treat and after having a potter in the bookshop we headed back.

We enjoyed a relaxing evening with the family and drifted into the fifteenth. After attempting to bake some macaroons (which prove a challenge) together, I had to set off for London to look round some houses. One looks very promising and close to the uni so we’ll keep our fingers crossed with it.

Afterward we wondered around Leicester square and ate some food at Weatherspoons. We had planned to watch the film ‘The Room’ which is apparently one of the worst films in existence – but because it’s so bad it’s lauded as being funny. I’ll save my judgement but regardless, it wasn’t being shown so we simply enjoyed a nice evening with friends.

Free listing day on ebay tomorrow, I plan to put a heck of a lot up! Wish me luck!


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