13th July, 2011

I was successful at getting up at five today and I was successful at writing down what I did hour by hour and it made me realise – I spend a cripplingly long time on the computer each day. So, so much. Many hours, eight or so. Eight?! What a waste of my day. I was mainly looking into camping stuff and overclocking was interesting but seriously, eight hours. I do not want to waste my summer spending eight hours on my computer each day. I’m glad I’ve done this though, since it has made me realise I don’t want to do that and in the next few days I plan to have complete abstinence from the computer to teach me some lessons and enable me to spend, say, half that time – four damn hours – reading a book. God, that’s such a long time and I could get through so, so much rather than the piddly page or two I get through currently. It’s pathetic.

On a more positive note I did have a nice time at Costa with Mum, in that eight hours I did learn something about overclocking and I enjoyed three good sets of tennis (still no running). I hope to report to you tomorrow with a far, far better outlook on my day. But at any rate, we need this kind of day so that we know not to repeat it.


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