12th July, 2011

Curse my desire to sleep! I half awoke at 5 but decided to ‘rest my eyes’ and enjoy lying in bed and then, before you know it, the phone clock reads 9. Wasn’t pleased with that but hope tomorrow will be more fruitful.

First order of the day was doing some painting with Mum, which was very enjoyable but just didn’t work for me. I wasn’t painting at all well, perhaps it’s the picture, perhaps it’s the fact I’m no good (more likely), but none the less during a clear-out of the study I stumbled upon an old graphics tablet we have and I did some work (see above) on there through photoshop, which I was actually quite happy with in the end.

Another big step today was in organising my future career – I finally managed to make some progress with it which was a good and positive step.

Had a game of Nerf with my brother again which was good fun – mixing new rules into it so that one can get a negative score, bad news for me, since he is the current champion.

Big discussion at dinner about houses, turns out I’m very bad at picking up subtle clues, apparently. But fortunately it’s all crystal clear and we can look with a common understanding now, which I’m very glad about – the discussion was necessary indeed even though I didn’t realise and it came about by chance.

What else did I do with my day? Damnit, this will not do. I shall write it down tomorrow hour by hour what I do as not to waste it on drivel.

PS Running going very badly, need to get into the routine or I’ll look daft running that half marathon!


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