10 – 11th July, 2011

A relaxing way to spend one's day...

The tenth was a simple day – soon after waking up I headed to the local golf course and played nearly all day. It was fantastic fun and great to play again after nearly a year. The scenery is wonderful and golf – despite being a terribly frustrating game at times – more often than not give you a broad smile. Afterwards, I went to my brother’s house to help complete some general housework for him, since he is redoing his house.The eleventh was pretty much entirely taken up doing a play-through of Portal 2 which was on sale on Steam last night. I’ve wanted it for a while and couldn’t resist the £15 price tag. It’s a fantastic game, great fun and very stimulating. I think part of its success is due to the fact it’s so very different from other games – there’s no shooting or killing, merely one big mental agility test. The designers have done a wonderful job of sewing together the fibres of a gripping storyline with completing different ‘Tests’ which would get boring after a while. While this is a bit of a waste of a day, it’s interesting to think whether gamers will be regarded as ‘celebrities’ in the future, and whether gaming will lose its tagline of being a ‘waste of time’. Already in Korea gaming is huge. TV-channels are dedicated to it, and it has a huge influence on the culture. As the first cave-man to draw an artistic picture on the walls of his cave was probably lauded as a ‘time waster’ and Art has now, rightly, moved to a respected and valued way to spend one’s time, so too perhaps will games. However, here and now it could still be argued as a ‘waste of a day’ and that is no good thing. Tomorrow I plan to get up at the crack of dawn and perhaps get involved in a large walk, brining some books with me. ‘Till then!


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