July 7th, 2011


Sadly another day where many of the hours seem to have vanished. I think I’ll try and document on a piece of paper what I’m doing and for how long just to avoid this because I really don’t like it happening.

What did happen today was enjoyable and light hearted. I continued reading The Ode Less Travelled and am thoroughly enjoying it, learning the beats and rhythms of poetry is very satisfying and I highly recommend the book.

When my brother got home we played a game of what we call ‘Nerf’ (see picture). A plastic tub is placed either side of the garden and the aim is to throw the nerf and hit the tub to gain points – first to ten wins with more points being allocated for getting it in directly, or getting it in then it bouncing out, etc. a nice way to wind down! I also did some painting with Mum but I really didn’t do a good job of it today and wasn’t happy with the final result. But one can’t expect to be a Monet on their second try and I’ll certainly try to amend it over the next few days.

Tomorrow we’re off to London to view some properties so we’ll have somewhere to live next year, here’s hoping we find a place.


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