4th July, 2011

The first part of today was taken up with my tennis match – which I regrettably lost. If anything, it served to show me how unfit I am after spending most of a year in front of a computer studying (as I like to refer to it, a more appropriate term may be: getting distracted). At the close of play yesterday, I signed up to run a half-marathon which a few of my friends are doing and tomorrow the ‘fitness plan’ which is posted on the website starts. It looks tough but it will feel good to cope with a measly two sets of tennis without running out of breath.

After that, the thought came to me to do some painting. I’d put it down as one of the things I wanted to do during the holiday and hadn’t yet, so I busted out the bargain £2.00 acrylic-set I’d purchased (which, for my money, was more than adequate) and began painting a flower in the garden. It was wonderful, and despite my effort being akin to a five year old’s drawing, I very much enjoyed the experience and definitely plan to keep going, I found it a very relaxing and therapeutic activity.

I must’ve got lost in the painting for some time, since not much else happened until dinner. After which I played a game of chess via email with my Grandfather, which was great. He’s a true master and beat me in style.

Today I was hit by something of a moral dilemma. My computer is “fairly old”, in gaming terms, now. It was built in 2007 and there are many components that now supersede it. Having done some research the past few weeks, today I took to  bidding on some new components and I did indeed win an auction at a good price. However, do I really need them? I have a fully functioning computer already, it might not be the highest spec machine there is, but it runs along perfectly fine. I heard a statistic the other day that if you are an individual that owns a car you are wealthier than 84% of the world. There are an array of other baffling statistics here. At any rate, without wishing to sound morally righteous it just struck me that I am blessed enough to be in a warm house, have access to medical care, education and so much more. I saw this video on the front page of the BBC news website, and it brought the point home. Goodness knows what owning a computer means relative to other people’s wealth and it just didn’t sit well with me having purchased this upgrade, and have since requested a refund. I don’t really know the point of this, but it just seemed poignant.


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