2 – 3 July, 2011

Yesterday was completely taken up by the art exhibition, as was most of today. It was a success, and I was glad all went well – it does seem to take it out of you though! I finally finished going through The Economist and another one has been freshly delivered. To add to my large number of books on the go, I couldn’t resist Sum by David Eagleman. David is a neuroscientist who describes himself as a ‘possibilian’, which bears some resemblance to an agnostic – but for much more info I implore you to listen an interview he did with BBC World Service. Sum is a set of forty short stories about the afterlife that are a work of fiction, but prompt the reader to delve into philosophical thought. I’m afraid I can’t describe it in much more detail since I’ve only read the first chapter thus far, but it’s received rave reviews and I implore you to listen to what he has to say in the interview.

Aside from that I’ve been looking into upgrade parts for my computer, which – although mammothly geeky – is something of an interest of mine. Tomorrow I’m off for a club tennis match – fingers crossed!


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